The Clinton-Boxer Pakistani Connection

boxer_barbara.jpghilary_clinton.jpgA Pakistani National who is accused of illegally contributing and funneling tens of thousands of dollars to the Boxer and Clinton campaigns has been extradited from Pakistan to the US today. The FBI nabbed Abdul Rehman Jinnah with a year-old indictment. 

Meantime, in Pakistan there are numerous stories in the papers of other FBI agents in Pakistan to investigate a bank-fraud case, and other corruption scandals are brewing over immigration frauds and FIA malfeasance. This is a strange turn of events against that backdrop. Bond has been set at $300,000.00 by Los Angeles court today. More at Source Watch; more on PAL-C here.

Los Angeles Times Story.

From the Daily Times Pakistan:

jinnah_ar.jpgLAHORE: A Pakistani businessman accused of illegally funnelling tens of thousands of dollars to the political campaigns of US senators Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer surrendered to the FBI on a year-old indictment on Tuesday, then collapsed in Los Angeles federal court, Los Angeles Times reported on Wednesday.

Looking tired and disoriented, Abdul Rehman Jinnah, 56, complained of chest pains and began shaking an hour into a contentious bond hearing before US Magistrate Judge Patrick J Walsh. The judge interrupted the hearing for nearly 30 minutes while paramedics attended to Jinnah. After Jinnah’s condition was stabilised and he was taken to a local hospital for an examination, Walsh set bond at $300,000.

The drama unfolded shortly after Jinnah, who has a history of heart problems and diabetes, flew back to the US from Pakistan to answer charges by a grand jury that he engineered illicit donations to Ms Clinton’s political action committee and Ms Boxer’s 2004 re-election campaign. Officials from both campaigns have said they were unaware of the alleged wrongdoing and returned the contributions.

Born in Pakistan, Jinnah immigrated to the US in the late 1980s and settled in Northridge. Over the next decade, he tried his hand at a string of businesses and left a trail of angry creditors and former business partners. But by 2004, Jinnah had positioned himself as a point man who could help the Democratic Party tap the increasingly affluent Pakistani American community for campaign funds. He and his family personally contributed $122,000 to Democratic candidates and organisations that year and held events for Ms Clinton and Ms Boxer at his home.

Stuart Schoenburg, 76, a Tarzana television producer charged as Jinnah’s co-conspirator, has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanour count and is awaiting sentencing.

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  1. Heh, you got that right. The place to watch for actual reportage is the LA Times, which seems to have broken ranks with the rest of the MSM, and started the long march back to objectivity.

  2. Well now it seems that there were quite a few people that were giving

    Can this illegal financial help be coupled with the illegal financial help
    that was forthcoming from MR. HSU AND THE PAW FAMILY..?
    Then we can add the monies that she took from Peter Paul and add that
    to the total and we come up with one:
    that the people of these United States do not want to stand for any longer

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