The Charger of the Carbon Offset Brigade

car007.jpgYes Greenies it’s absolutely true, my car is made to eat your carbon offsets.

Mango Knife Fight

mango-knife.jpgI was all set to write a long post about why the different energy lobbies need to stop attacking each other since ultimately we will need all possible sources of energy in the coming years, however in between thinking it through in my head and putting it in type I stopped to prep dinner.

I was going to make a nice mango/yellow pepper sauce for the cedar plank barbecue salmon I was imagining, but this mango got aggressive. I quickly got out a knife to show it who was boss, but somehow I lost the knife fight with the mango. The photo shows the results.

So it’s a ham samich, a tetanus shot, and seven stitches tonight, and Salmon on the morrow.

Kites Above Kabul

The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini, a best seller that tells the history of Afghanistan through the Taliban’s takeover, is now being made into a hollywood movie. Now that the Taliban are gone, Kites and the kite-fighters now run the hillsides near Kabul once more.

From India Broadcasting:

AFP Speak

liberte-egalite-fraternite.jpgFrance used to be about liberty, equality, and brotherhood, but nowadays they have trouble understanding the difference between Terrorism and Rebellion. AFP has decided that they need to rewrite the lexicon. Over the years the Taliban have graduated in their eyes: from Terrorist fundamentalists to Extremists, to Militants, and finally this headline hails them as “Rebels”. Continue reading “AFP Speak”

Armed Forces Day 2007

eagleflag.jpgToday is a day of honor for all branches of the US Military: the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, National Guard, and Navy. Please take some time to salute and remember all of their victories, past and present because we owe all of our freedoms to them first and foremost. Go here to find the heroes from your state. Continue reading “Armed Forces Day 2007”

Tax Increase and Deficit Spending

Lost in the furor over the immigration bill that has yet to come to vote, the Democrat controlled congress quietly passed a budget bill late Thursday night that repeals tax reductions, (which equates to a tax increase,) and which adds deficit spending on top of that, increasing the budget over a Trillion dollars above the one ten years ago. Not five months in power and they’ve already busted the budget and increased your taxes. It was quite sly of them to float the immigration bill to the media in the lead of this, but not much slips by the Captain. Please stop by for Ed‘s full analysis, a sample below: Continue reading “Tax Increase and Deficit Spending”

Pakistan Update

cd-burn-fp.jpgLal Masjid / Jamia Hafsa has broken off talks with the government, and taken four police officers hostage. A FIR has been issued against 72 participants from the madrassa, which could be the prelude to government operations against the radical clerics of the madrassa. Abdul Aziz issued threats of suicide bombers across the country if the government acted, and also spoke out against music, co-education, and anything else that might bring a smile to someone’s face. Continue reading “Pakistan Update”