Afghan – Pakistan Border Fighting Heats up

Pakistan and Afghan forces have clashed on the border near Parachinar, and villagers on the Pakistan side have fled and evacuated as the army moves in Artillery. The area is also the scene of much ethnic fighting earlier this month, with Sunni and Shia clashing over control of a shrine since last October.

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China Continues Reasearch on Carrier and Cruiser Killer Missiles

china-dongfeng-5-bg.jpgChina continues research into “Carrier Killer” missiles, and they are reported to be equipping Dongfeng missiles with infrared seeker technology.  Continue reading “China Continues Reasearch on Carrier and Cruiser Killer Missiles”

Free Burma, Free Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi.jpgThe White House again called for Aung San Suu Kyi’s release by the Military and Communist aligned government of Myanmar (aka Burma) today. Aung San Suu Kyi has spent 11 years out of the past 18 in detention after winning the democratic leadership of Burma in free elections.

Since then then the Military has armed up with aid from China, postioned troops on the border, and arrested many dissidents. They also continue the war against the Karen rebels, pushing many refugees into Thailand.

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Iraqi Murals

Utilitarian Walls don’t have to be ugly, witness these murals on the T-Rail walls near Baghdad’s Abu Nawas Fish-market.

British Foreign Office Deals with the Devil Again

abu-qatada.jpgThe Bristish foreign office is again appealing to a radical Cleric aligned with Al Qaida, and wanted in Jordan to gain the release of a BBC reporter held hostage by terrorists in Palestine. If they didn’t learn from their last dealing with the devil, Abu Qatada, then I question their sanity. Continue reading “British Foreign Office Deals with the Devil Again”

Fort Dix Six Update

fort_dix-plotter.jpgIn hearing today one of the “Fort Dix Six” terrorists was denied bail. He says he’s harmless, but the judge didn’t think so. Continue reading “Fort Dix Six Update”