The American Al Qaeda Speaks

If you think we aren’t at war, or if you think Iraq and Afghanistan are the only fronts, Adam Gadahn is here to tell you otherwise.

gadahn.jpgIf you think we aren’t at war, or if you think Iraq and Afghanistan are the only fronts, Adam Gadahn is here to tell you otherwise. Please stop by Little Green Footballs to view the American Al Qaeda’s latest demands. Please pay close attention as he parrots many of the left’s bumper-sticker hits against the war, our commander in chief, and the troops.

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Veteran’s Graves Desecrated on Memorial Day

The evil of the left and the hate for our country knows little bounds, as these acts attest.

washington-veteran-grave.jpgflags-burnt.jpgAt Orcas Island in Washington they prefer to dishonor our veterans and troops on Memorial day. It’s all about the timing, and it seems that the Washington moonbats have one-upped the Oregonians. The evil of the left and their hate for our country knows zero bounds, as both of these horrendous acts demonstrate. I know they feel bad that the adults realized a hasty exit from Iraq would be worse than hastily entering the war, but this goes beyond the pail.

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UPDATE: There’s full local reportage at the SanJuanIslander., and there are letters to the editor about the outrage, curiously I found this section in one of them:

We will be following the news and will not support any individual, business or organization involved in this horrible incident during our future visits. This may not seem like a big financial impact, but if others did the same thing, I’m sure the consequences would be felt and a strong message be sent.

Additionally, it would go a long way toward healing the wounds that have just been inflicted by the vandalism, if this year for the Orcas July 4th festivities and Founders Day Parade, instead of the dominate pink theme we’ve seen the last several years, locals made a strong showing of the red, white and blue and some good old fashioned patriotic support and honoring of veterans and soldiers currently serving.

Is the town council overun with code pinkers? Orcas Island gained notoriety worldwide, but is this the notoriety they want?

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