Priest Admits Guilt in Sex Abuse Cover Up, Then Asks Court to throw out charges

In the Philadelphia Archdiocese case Monsignor William Lynn says he’s not guilty because a superior ordered him to destroy the lists of pedophile priests, but that’s merely admitting his guilt and a demonstration that the average priest still thinks that the church’s instructions outweigh civil law.

The fact that the church ignored civil laws and aided and abetted child abusing criminals for decades is the problem, and the reason for this case. It really doesn’t matter that his superior in the church ordered him to cover it up, he still should have reported the crimes and the list of perpetrators to the authorities. He cared more for the church and his position in it than the abused children.

The recent unexpected and shocking discovery of a March, 1994 memorandum composed by Monsignor James Molloy, Monsignor Lynn’s then-supervisor, on the topic of this review, clearly reveals that justice demands that all charges against Monsignor Lynn be dropped,” Lynn’s attorneys said in a filing. As revealed in court papers filed on Friday, Molloy’s handwritten memo dated March 22, 1994, informed Bevilacqua that the secret list of 35 priests had been shredded per his instructions. On 3-22-94 at 10:45 AM I shredded, in the presence of Reverend Joseph R. Cistone, four copies of these lists from the secret archives, Molloy’s memo stated. The action was taken on the basis of a directive I received from Cardinal Bevilacqua at the Issues meeting of 3-15-94 ….”

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The church thinks it is above the law, and another example of that is the bishop’s screeching over having to let their female employees choose when they bear children by refusing to provide for birth control in their insurance plans.

Zarqawi Docs and intel Lead to 759 captures, 104 dead terrorists

There will also be a third thrust — now that the Iraqi forces are proving effective the international media will turn on them. They will become “death sqauds” ill mannered collectives of militias, they will be torturers, and ultimately the more effective the Iraqis become the more they will be maligned. The left hates winners, as has been amply demonstrated throughout both the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns.


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Update: Heres a link to the article that contains the casualty and kill figures quoted above, courtesy Captain’s Quarters. Sorry for the sloppy blogging earlier, I posted while on a contentious conference call at work. A well appreciated visitor pointed out that I should link to the actual articles as well, thanks for the tip. The numbers quoted are really 759 captured, 104 confirmed kills.

Update II Breaking news, It’s being reported that US forces have captured a high value Al Qaida Operative, Sheikh Akeel — the only article I can find on this is from this morning’s India Daily. If it does turn out that Akeel was allied with Al Qaida it would explain the interuption of the scheduled conference by Al Maliki today.

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Cut and run crowd out in force with Zarqawi’s death

Nancy and the democrats still want to cut and run tomorrow, however the job is not done.

Nancy Pelosi Then:

Back in December of 2002, as independent strategic analysts were arguing that the evidence strongly suggested that Iraq had rid itself of its chemical and biological weapons some years earlier, Pelosi categorically declared on NBC’s Meet the Press that “Saddam Hussein certainly has chemical and biological weapons. There’s no question about that.”

Nancy Pelosi Now

“The death of al Zarqawi and the naming of the Iraqi Defense and Interior Minister should bring us closer to that goal, and hasten the day when American troops can come home.”

Nancy and the democrats who helped get us there still want to cut and run tomorrow, however the job is not done. There are still many terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan drawn by the al qaeda magnet and the US troops. It’s too early to end it yet, there’s more work to be done. Our troops aren’t giving up, don’t let Nancy give up for them.

100th post, and some administrivia

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