Orcas Island Desecration UPDATE

bomb-white-house.jpgA commenter inspired me to do some more digging, and I came across a Fox article with more information and quotes from locals. The commenter took umbrage at my observation that there are organized leftist groups in Orcas Island.

Jhelm said that putting a nazi symbol next to the peace movement was inconsistent. I am calling, and raising.

Here is a site where you can see peace marchers using the swastika with relish, just scroll down at this link. If you poke around a bit on the site you also will see code pink demonstrators with signs like “Impeach the Terrorists”, marching with 9/11 “truthers”, people with swastikas, and hamas flags. Rather Rosie-like don’t you think?

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Hillary’s Immigrant Problem

Today Hillary was in pillory once again over free trips, private jet travel, and million dollar contributions to the Clintons by Vinod Gupta, head of InfoUSA, the company that sold the lists of elderly identies to con-men who then cleaned out their retirement accounts.

hillary.jpgYesterday we detailed the indictment of a Pakistani who illegally  contributed to Hillary Clinton here, today we are going to talk about InfoUSA and another immigrant contributor, Vinod Gupta.

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