Abandoning Children

You must always consider the children when it comes to crisis like this first; the children and what their future will be. If we pull out now, their future becomes a darkened nightmare. Are you sure you have the stomach or the guts to surrender and face the guilt?

girlflag.jpg It’s ridiculous, but it has happened. The Democrats sent the surrender-now bill to the White house for veto. They are political posers positioning for next election, and playing with lives in the process. They toy with the blood and lives of our troops and the future and the lives of the Iraqi children, those they would have us abandon tomorrow.

<<<  Do you think this girl would live long if we pull out tomorrow? What about the woman in the famous picture holding up the purple-dyed finger?

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Elvis Costello Catalog Added to ITUNES

elvis-costello.jpgIf you are a Costello fan like I am, this is great news and I’m listening to Alison for the first time in years as I type. Elvis also has a tour going, and hits Hollywood tomorrow, goes North to San Francisco, and then crosses the country to New York, ending with lots of International Dates in Europe.