The Clinton-Boxer Pakistani Connection

But by 2004, Jinnah had positioned himself as a point man who could help the Democratic Party tap the increasingly affluent Pakistani American community for campaign funds. He and his family personally contributed $122,000 to Democratic candidates and organisations that year and held events for Ms Clinton and Ms Boxer at his home.

boxer_barbara.jpghilary_clinton.jpgA Pakistani National who is accused of illegally contributing and funneling tens of thousands of dollars to the Boxer and Clinton campaigns has been extradited from Pakistan to the US today. The FBI nabbed Abdul Rehman Jinnah with a year-old indictment. 

Meantime, in Pakistan there are numerous stories in the papers of other FBI agents in Pakistan to investigate a bank-fraud case, and other corruption scandals are brewing over immigration frauds and FIA malfeasance. This is a strange turn of events against that backdrop. Bond has been set at $300,000.00 by Los Angeles court today. More at Source Watch; more on PAL-C here.

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Orcas Island Veterans Graves Desecration UPDATE

flags-burnt.jpgWhen someone desecrates veteran’s graves and burns flags, replacing them with swastikas, you know that “peace” movement leftists must be around. In the previous update I speculated about Code Pink, and guess what I found on the San Juan Islander web site?

Here are photos from the Orcas Island Fourth of July parade from last year: 








Somehow I knew that these folks would be around, yes, it’s code pink. To be fair to the islanders, there are four pages of flag-waving, patriotic Islanders leading up to this last page, and we don’t know if some one from Code Pink desecrated the graves, that investigation continues. This is more commentary on the Island’s atmosphere and culture.