Karo Kari in Larkana

karo-kari-mirjat.jpgIn Pakistan Karo Kari, or Honor Killing is still practiced, and although illegal it sometimes goes unpunished. Various scholars have declared it “un-Islamic”, however others, especially tribal elders, still consider it mandatory when a family’s honor is besmirched.

 The story below is a sad one, a poor family whose son has somehow created dishonor for someone [who and how has never been clear in any of the reports on this, it could be that he dishonored someone’s daughter, or that he honor-killed someone’s relative – it’s unclear.] now has been ordered to give up their young daughters because they do not have the money for the fine. So one woman was dishonored or killed, now two girl children will also suffer.

Update: Gateway Pundit now carrying story as well.

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Memorial Day Kansas

Yesterday I took a trip to the Korean War Memorial. Sometimes the Korean war is called the “Forgotten War” because people do not talk about it much. There were brave souls from Kansas who fought across the rocky hills and mountains of Korea, and today is a day to remember them.

This will be a pictorial essay because when it comes to honoring the heros who fought off a brutal communist regime and who freed the people of South Korea, words fail to be enough. Continue reading “Memorial Day Kansas”