If You are a Glenn Beck Viewer Then there’s this bridge I have…

If you’re not interested in my bridge, well I’ve also got this newly recovered land near New Orleans…

Let’s face it, Glenn Beck’s audience has to be the biggest group of rubes ever collected – every Carney Barker on the midway can see them coming several miles before they pull into the parking lot, and since Glenn’s watchers believe our President is a sekret muslim, has no birth certificate, and is a communist love child born in Kenya then selling them Gold at highly inflated prices is just a breeze.

While watching Fox during my physical therapy session today, (thankfully with the sound off since he was at his blackboard during part of my exercise session,) I saw ads for ambulance chasing Lawyers, Psychics, Gold Pimps, and emergency solar generator pimps. It really is either a sign of how far downhill Fox has run, or it tells you the real supermarket tabloid type audience that Glenn has managed to gather in one niche. Consummate snake oil salesman that he is, Glenn seems to even be fitting product placements in — at one point I saw him waving a coke can around, probably in protest that Obama is coming to get our soda pop or something ridiculous like that.

Dawkins Deservedly Pummels the Pope

In this video Richard Dawkins rightly takes the Pope to task for borrowing a page from the Ben Stein’s book and going Godwinian against atheists. This is a Discovery Institute tactic — pretend that all atheists are potential Nazis when really European Catholics, like those in Vlaams Belang, are much more likely candidates for the Nazi party. What I really do not get is how a moral coward like Ratzinger who marched wearing a “Gott mit uns” belt buckle while in the Wehrmacht can make such a bogus claim. Reality belies the Pope’s claim, indeed it seems that religious moral cowards are more likely to become Nazis than atheists, after all the current Pope did.

Last Night’s Moon

This is what the moon looked like in the Midwest last night.

The Fairies of the Gaps: Observation Alone is Not Science

Concordance has produced another great Skeptic video that explains the difference between observation and imagining cause vs. observation, hypothesis and test. This is the scientific method, and why PSI, Intelligent Design, and Fairy ring fallacies fail to move our real knowledge forward. Until we test – it’s just an anomaly that we don’t understand.

My Ball!

Kasey loves to play keep away, and in this photo you detect that she’s getting ready to teleport at least ten feet by the blurry fore-paw. I suppose I could train her to bring the ball back and to drop it, but she honestly has more fun making me chase her. I only catch her when she lets me, at the dog park the only dog that has been able to run faster was a greyhound, and Kasey could still stay away simply because she has a better turn radius and zooms off another way when the greyhound catches up. Ok, so Kasey really doesn’t teleport — she just leaps sideways or backwards at amazing speed, and with the sudden change in direction and motion you only think she teleported. There’s no “Bampf!” sound effect when she does this stuff…

Heart Rate

I’ve been investigating maximum recommended heart rates since mine is “high” for the charts typically used to gauge such things, and I need to set some bounds when exercising and recuperating from my heart surgery. There’s really not a clear cut determination on what your beats per minute should be since there are too many factors besides just age at play. The max heart rate for my age is 165 by the most popular method, which is fallible (+ or – 20 BPM). (See Chart Below) By more recent method and studies it’s 168-170 and the latter is supposed to be accurate to within 6-8 BPM.

What amazed me during my studies were rest heart rates of cyclists and other athletes, e.g. Lance Armstrong – 32 bpm. After my bypass surgery they gave me a pacemaker when my heart dropped below fifty while I was deeply sleeping one night, and it only kicks in when my BPM goes too low.

Below is the standard chart, but remember this could be off by as much as 20 BPM either direction: