Yesterday’s Media

Yesterday’s media was much different than today’s, it wasn’t just criers and scrolls, speeches and plays as you will see below. Art and design has always been part of media: whether represented in a news-logo swoosh on Fox, a semiotic designed button on a blog, or a border on a tapestry, design surrounds the message.

Hat Tip to Virginia Postrel

Congratulations Nola Ochs

nola-ochs.jpgNola Ochs from Hays, Kansas just set a world record — at 95 years old Nola has become the oldest student to graduate, and it’s now in the record books. The story is at MSNBC, but I’d like to point out that this accomplishment is being celebrated and told around the world  — here it appears in Chitral, a remote village in the mountains of Pakistan. Isn’t the sharing of information around the world wonderful?

Al Baghdadi *Not* dead, Waiting on Confirmation for Al Masri Death

Everyone is treading lightly on the reports of Al Masri’s death, but it appears that Iraqi Television is stating that Al Baghdadi is dead.  In updated stories it appears that Al Masri and Al Baghdadi might still be out there, and instead the coalition forces killed an Al Qaeda information minister, Muharib Abdul Latif al-Jubouri. Update at CNN.

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Pakistan Update

In Parachinar the class and sectarian warfare has settled quite a bit, and a peace accord has been reached through a Jirga, let us watch a bit and hope that holds. The curfew has been lifted, story at Dawn.

In North Waziristan Taliban terrorists fired ten rockets at a military camp without injury, and these attacks are increasing over the past week. This is not keeping to the agreement in the Jirga, so I would not be surprised to see some retaliation eventually from the army; but it might wait until past the elections.

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