Post Modern Me

According to my results in the Pew survey talked about in the video below I fall into the “Post Modern” category of political typology. I owe how I got here to a strange progression of revelations over the past few years about my former political fellow travelers in the GOP and the extremism and zealotry they support.

I walked away from the new millennium definition of “Conservative” simply because it involves being a hateful busybody for God, anti science, and harshly anti human rights; it also meant knowingly allying with groups that are well beyond the pail. Here’s the political typology survey if you wish to take it and be surprised before you watch the video.

Thanksgiving Waste

It’s day four and we are almost turkeyed out. The Kids took two glad tubs of [Dinosauria Saurischia  Therapoda Paraves Avilae Aves *] turkey away, and we’ve made plates and sandwiches from the two birds we cooked for the last three days (one was traditional, the other rotisseried in the smoker.) The last bit in the last tub got cubed tonight and it’s simmering in broth with onions, celery, spices and the leg bones as I type. Tomorrow, we go out for burgers…

Meanwhile we didn’t fill up two trash cans to overflowing as usual because we now have a giant recycle bin on rollers, and it really makes a difference in reducing the space the waste takes up.  Mostly our “garbage garbage” is comprised of food waste that won’t go down the garbage disposal and the rare stuff that’s not recyclable at our local plant (glass, plastic bags,

*taxonomy and phylogeny: such an exciting mess nowadays!

R. Crumb – The Complete Record Cover Collection

Fans of music and the underground era genius of Robert Crumb may well love the new R. Crumb: The Complete Record Cover Collection book that brings together more than 450 four-color illustrations of the man’s album cover artwork. It started with his first cover in 1968 for Janis Joplin’s “Cheap Thrills” album (no doubt familiar to you). Crumb then went on to interpret art covers for artists new and old with a particular focus on the blues. “So remarkable were Crumb’s artistic interpretations of these old 78 rpm singles that the art itself proved influential in their rediscovery in the 1960s and 1970s. Including such classics as Truckin’ My Blues Away, Harmonica Blues, and Please Warm My Weiner, Crumb’s opus also features more recent covers done for CDs.”

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Perry Signs an Evangelical Pledge

To run in the GOP you have to oppose gay marriage:

In an effort to woo evangelical voters in Iowa, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas has become the third Republican presidential candidate to sign a pledge to oppose gay marriage, to appoint only “faithful Constitutionalists” as judges, to stay loyal to his spouse, to shrink the size of the federal government, and to oppose Islamic law, among other things.

¶The pledge is the brainchild of  The Family Leader, a prominent group of Iowa social conservatives whose endorsement is considered helpful to winning the backing of many evangelicals and other social conservatives ahead of the state’s Jan. 3 caucuses.

¶Julie Summa, director of marketing and public outreach for the group, confirmed in an email this afternoon that Mr. Perry has “signed the pledge as written.”  Two other candidates who have support among social conservatives – former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania and Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota – have already signed the pledge.

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Leaves today, gone tomorrow, here again another day

Today is one of those days I will race to get the leaves up before the next batch of cold and rain arrives tonight. It’s really a Sisyphean task, but if I get too many layers of wet leaves it makes a sodden mass that kills the grass beneath in short order. I’m putting a pot of chili together to cook slow in the crock pot for later when I get done.

As soon as I get these up the rain will bring down more.

House panderfest reaffirms ‘In God We Trust’ as US motto

“In God We Trust” became the national motto back in the fifties during the red scare days, but the nimrods in the GOP decided it was more important to re affirm this motto (that’s really an unconstitutional smack in the face of all US Buddhists, atheists, and Polytheists,) than to do anything to aid the economy, or to help education, or to help technology sectors, or to help taxpayers, or to help homeowners, or to help their constituents.

The Hill estimates that with three bills worked yesterday the actual cost for the session time during this panderfest put on for the self-selected busybodies for God was >200 thousand dollars. Remember that next time you hear one of these wingnuts lying about 16 dollar muffins.

via LGF Pages – House panderfest reaffirms ‘In God We Trust’ as US motto.