News from Iraq

It will probably go un-noticed in all the flap on Haditha, but there is a lot of great news coming from Iraq.

It will probably go un-noticed in all the flap on Haditha, but there is a lot of great news coming from Iraq.Â

I’m not going to comment on Haditha here until the facts come out, the folks involved are volunteer Marines and they deserve fair investigation and if called for fair trial. Talking about it too much interim is either presuming guilt or innocence, and making it political, our armed forces deserve better than that.

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Unity08 Third party initiative

Third party forming over the internet, from KCBuzzblog, the KC Star’s politics blog:

A bipartisan group of political organizers launched a new group today called, an effort to redesign the system for nominating White House candidates. The Internet-based third party is headed up by former Carter chief of staff Hamilton Jordan, former Carter communications director Gerald Rafshoon and Hotline founder Doug Bailey. They boast they are being joined by a collection of young people.

 Newsweek‘s Jonathan Alter reports that the Unity08 plan calls for an online third-party convention.

Looking at who’s forming it (Carterites,) you have to wonder if they will play the Nader in 08.  You know all of the KOS kids will come play at the electronic convention.

100th post, and some administrivia

I just got back from vacation so I have a lot of ground to recover here at work and won’t be posting a lot today. However I did go through and flag all the immigration articles with that tag, you can pull them all up on one page by clicking on ‘”immigration” under the categories box to the right.

While I was gone I won an award, and I don’t know what that’s about yet, it’s an SOB award — is that good or bad? I will look into it tonight & see what’s up.

Non-Nuclear ICBMs

To update an earlier post on this, see the new Reuters story on non-nuclear Trident II missle use here.

The International Herald Tribune said the weapon would be a non-nuclear version of the submarine-launched Trident-2 missile and be part of a president’s arsenal when considering a pre-emptive attack.

The report quoted military officials as saying it could be used to hit terrorist camps, enemy missile sites, suspected caches of weapons of mass destruction and other urgent threats.

91px-Khatami-and-Ahmadinejad.jpgShould Ahmadinejad be worried, or are Iran’s nuclear ambitions and continual threats against Israel not an urgent threat?

Immigration Bill in Conference

 “The line between good and evil goes through every human heart.” –Solzhenitsyn

Now that the Immigration bill is in committee and the senate has left the house to take the heat it’s time to assess best and worst-case scenarios. It’s unlikely at all that the amnesty program or “path to citizenship” will survive through the conference, but let’s for the moment assume it could get through and call that worst-case.

 What would best-case be then? That would be the straight house bill, with stricter border enforcement, and fines for business’ hiring illegal immigrants. Somewhere in the middle would be the house bill with an inclusion of a guest worker program.

All three solutions are problematic, and like any course taken each will present fresh challenges.

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Sadaamists hiding in Sweden

One of Sadaam Hussein’s cousins is currently seeking asylum in Sweden, see the article here.

In other other interesting developments Raytheon and Bofors have created a new GPS guided artillery shell which is now deployed in Iraq.

The cost of the shells is secret, but according to American press reports, they cost about 200 000 kronor each, compared to a cost of 7 500 kronor for a conventional shell. They have the same accuracy as a Tomahawk missile, which would cost a hundred times as much.

Germany visits the edge of the Non-Nuclear Power abyss

In Germany politicians earlier made committment to eliminate nuclear power from Germany by 2021 after unrelenting pressure over the last 20 years from the Greens. This even though Nuclear supplies 30% of Germany’s energy at present. After the trick Gazprom pulled with the Ukraine perhaps they ought to rethink that committment. See this article at Deutsch Welle for the details.

“Nuclear power will also be on the agenda,” said Jürgen Rüttgers of the Christian Democratic party (to which Merkel belongs) and premier of North Rhine-Westfalia. “The Social Democratic party and Green party can’t ignore the question of where 30 percent of our energy in Germany is to come from in the future,” said Rüttgers, referring to the amount nuclear plants have supplied until now.

In another sign of change as well, the Greens are shifting from their environmental roots as Realos gains ascendency over Fundis.

Libby Ruling

At American Thinker an article on the recent ruling to obtain reporter’s documents explains the potentials in detail. This ruling has far-reaching consequence, a future case against Karl Rove would springboard from Fitzgerald’s case against Libby, or that appears to be the now-waning hope. You could picture Libby like Claudius in the Masterpiece theatre production of “I Claudius” saying:

“Let all of the poisons that lurk in the mud crack out.”

…however Libby doesn’t stutter and appears firmly on-track. The question is who will blink first, Fitzgerald, The Times, or Cooper?