Sunday Roundup

toulouse_08.jpgLittle Green Footballs points out the unconscionable tactics of Socialist Candidate Segolene “let the intifada restart” Royal in today’s election in France. May the best man win. Update: as called for by Segolene, the French intifada has re-ignited. More at Captains’ Quarters.

Gateway Pundit has excellent coverage of the Milblogger’s Convention, including video of President Bush’s address to them, please stop by.

jerry-pournelle.jpgJerry Pournelle has more in the continuing discussion of the geopolitical and geoeconomic realities that must be considered prior to any pull-out of Iraq. See my previous article here that deals just with a few of the near-term regional consequences, more to come on the mid-term to long-term consquences from me when time alots.