Turkey Cancels Election; Upsets Islamist Government

abdullah gul islamist secular turkey turkish elections parliament national elections president presidential candidate

There was some good news today in Turkey, the Islamist presidential candidate, Abdullah Gul,  failed to garner enough votes in Parliament today to stand for election as President. Since there were no other candidates, it forces national polls.

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Fort Dix Six Update

fort_dix-plotter.jpgThere is speculation about potential AQ connections with the terrorists arrested for planning the Jihadi attack at Fort Dix. Before continuing with that however please note that Fort Dix is where many troops are taught guerilla warfare fighting in conditions that simulate Iraq, I haven’t seen this in other reports and thought it ought to get mentioned.

This comes via Rush Limbaugh, who also detailed how Fort Dix was used as a refugee relocation camp for thousands of Kosovo refugees by the Clinton administration in the 90’s.

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