Massive Explosion in Beirut

beirut-1.jpgThere’s been a massive explosion in Beirut with one woman reported dead from a bomb under a car, or a car bomb. Carl in Jerusalem has updates and appears to be following the story well. There seems to be a lot of speculation as to who is responsible — Hizb’Allah, Fatah, Syria, or Al Qaeda?

The Race to Hydrogen Fuel

bmw-h2ice.jpgThe race for clean burning hydrogen-fuel vehicles is on; especially now that Man-Made-Global-Warming (MMGW) is the new century rage. What we really need is more energy, not griping, posturing, and moaning about global warming. Here’s an alarming projection borrowed from Space Review to prove the point:

Last year the academic quarterly Daedalus published an article by Daniel Nocera of MIT in which he laid out a credible and alarming vision of this world’s future energy demands. He pointed out that in 2002 the whole world “burned energy at a rate of 13.3 TW [terawatts]” and he calculated that “if 9 billion people adopt the current standard of living for a US resident… the world would need an astronomical 102 TW of energy in 2050.” He also pointed out that “If everyone adopts Equatorial Guinea’s current living standards, we will need 30.4 TW by 2050.”

However by happy accident the research fueled by the MMGW pseudo-crisis might drive us where we need to go anyway. Continue reading “The Race to Hydrogen Fuel”