Dropping Sitemeter

Wish I’d known about this earlier:

 It’s so sad for me to hear that SiteMeter, a well-known web stats providers, is pushing specificclick tracking and advertising cookies on to visitors of sites using their service. (You may already heard about this since it was happened last month.) For me, that news is pretty new. Actually, I came to know about this when I read this post in WordPress Support Forum

I’m very sorry to have allowed this on my site, sitemeter no more. Thanks Charles for pointing this out.

Clashes in Pakistan at Chief Justice Demonstration Kill 28

ap_pakistan_clashes_karachi_12may07_eng_195.jpgThe steadily heating issue of the Chief Justice’s suspension and trial in Pakistan has boiled over in Karachi, as pro-government and anti-government forces clashed, with “gunmen” (terrorists — who else is it that wantonly murders unknown innocents for political ends?) purportedly from MQM shooting into the crowds and killing 28. The demonstrators and  rival counter-demonstrators clashed, with 100+ injuries.

UPDATE: The death toll has risen to 37 as reported by VOA and AP. The military and police have orders to shoot to kill rioters per reports on Fox news.

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Jamia Hafsa – Lal Masjid Update

al-majid.gifThe confrontation between the government of Pakistan and the renegade disowned madrassas in Islamabad appears to be nearing an end, with concessions on both sides. The government will give up public land and allow the radical madrassas to be re-built, while Jamia Hafsa will stop occupation of the library and meet other demands.

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Seaborn KEI vs GBMD

To be effective we must have layers of protection, and visible deterrence. Parking ground based missile defense systems permanently in Kim Jong Il’s and Ahmadinejad’s faces makes sense to me. Having a secure system at sea that can intercept missiles quickly also makes a great deal of sense.

bmdo-kei-showroom-bg.jpgDaniel Goure, writing at Spacewar.com makes a compelling argument for the Kinetic Energy Interceptor (KEI,) arguing that it’s a much more flexible defense system than the Ground-Based Missile Defense (GBMD) system proposed for Chechoslovakia and Poland by President Bush. Continue reading “Seaborn KEI vs GBMD”