New Year Moon Gallery

Here’s some shots of tonight’s blue moon as it rose above the trees, and as a bonus a pic of the neighbor’s Christmas lights using both pan and zoom for effects and a blurry time exposure of Orion shot through tree limbs. Click on the thumbnail to see the HQ versions.

On New Year’s Day

U2 New Years’ day Video

I’ve loved this song since the first time I heard it and it’s appropriate today.

Kasey’s Affliction

Kasey has a problem with barking; she can’t seem to do that without an object in her mouth – here you see her with her favorite basketball mumble barking and growling at a snowplow.

Smoking in Winter

The neighbors probably think I’m strange, but what the heck – smoked ribs just sounded good…

Merry Christmas One and All

Normally I change out the banner for Christmas every year but since this is a fill in theme I haven’t had a chance to create one. So instead you will get a photo or two.

Kasey Mopes

This year Kasey doesn’t like wearing the funny hat so much, here you see her moping about it.

Three Days until Christmas

Three days left until Christmas, here’s wishing everyone the joy of the season.

Why I’m Seriously Considering Registering as Democrat

I can’t believe this sad sickness displacing reason within the Republican party.

I will never get in bed with Birchers, ever. Anyone Speaking at this convention will receive zero dollars from me, and zero support. In fact, anyone speaking is going to be constantly slammed by me as someone who spoke at a Bircher convention.

New Theme

I’m switching to a new Theme, while I love Inanis’s theme he’s put out the final version and the sidebar’s gone all wonky and I don’t feel like messing with it this am. So you have this theme which will be the stand in until Inanis puts out a new theme based on W7, or such time as I find another theme I really like. If you miss the old theme terribly you can switch back with the theme changing widget in the sidebar, but I don’t recommend it right now.

Test of WordPress 2.9 Cropping feature

I’m going to do another test of WP 2.9 crop feature, and you are 100 percent safe in ignoring this post. It turns out that my diskspace was full due to an uncleaned supercache directory after I upgraded the plugin during my last test. So, let me try again and check results.

There you have it, a great new feature in WP 2.9, that works fine. What would be nice is the ability to do this outside of the gallery window however, like when you click on an image in edit to pull up the “edit image” GUI.

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