Ron Paul and the Troothers

paulron.jpghigh-priestess.jpgIf Ron Paul will meet with and support troothers, I want to know when is he meeting with Rosie? In the video below you see Presidential aspirant Ron Paul meeting with 9/11 truthers, and promising a bipartisan effort with Dennis Kucinich to investigate 9/11 once more… It could be a vast government conspiracy after all. Once done with this maybe Ron could move on to the grassy knoll, the Bermuda triangle, area 51, and other pressing mysteries of our times. Update: Since posting the vid below Ron Paul has been discussed on “The View” by High Priestess Rosie, and Michelle Malkin has an update. Continue reading “Ron Paul and the Troothers”

Pakistan Update

afghan-demonstrators.jpgIn Kabul the Afghans are very upset about the fighting between the Pakistani Army and the Afghan Army, and they demonstrated in front of Pakistan’s embassy there:

KABUL, Afghanistan – About 1,000 Afghans shouting “Death to Pakistan” demonstrated in front of Pakistan’s embassy in Kabul Wednesday, blaming the neighboring country for some of the bloodiest border clashes in years.
Many of the demonstrators were from the eastern province of Paktia, where the fighting between Afghan and Pakistani troops killed at least 13 Afghan border guards and civilians so far this week.
The demonstrators carried banners and shouted “Death to the ISI! Death to Musharraf,” a reference to Pakistan’s intelligence agency and President Gen. Pervez Musharraf.
Afghan police wearing riot gear guarded the embassy in downtown Kabul. There were no reports of violence.
“We’ve run out of patience with Pakistan,” said Sultan Uddin, 50, from the Jaji district of Paktia. “We’re requesting President (Hamid) Karzai to give us weapons and remove the border police. We know how to deal with Pakistan.”

In tank, terrorists aligned with the Taliban in South Waziristan fired rockets into a marketplace, killing five civilians, Continue reading “Pakistan Update”