Palestinian Phone and Internet Boiler-room in Gaza Wants to Elect Obama

Yes, it’s true, Obama has the Hamas endorsement, this operation couldn’t go on without their approval as they control every aspect of Gazan life. H/T Weasel Zippers.

Pakistan Update Gilani Knows How to Stir The Pot, But Who’s the Cook?

As I predicted after the new Pakistani Prime Minister’s speech about removing the Frontier Crime Regulations (FCR’s) and the Black Laws, the Taliban is demanding their style of Sharia as the only suitable replacement.

The tribal elders from Baitullah Mehsud’s region as well as his spokes-puppet, Mullah Umar, are both putting forth the proposition that you can petition the parliament with threats (veiled.) [Note: the papers call him “Maulvi Omar” – which is the more respectful term, probably to differentiate from the other; I’ll call him “Mullah” with a U instead of an O in Omar just to differentiate from the real Mullah Omar.]

Of course the tribal elders probably had some incentive to join with the call for TTP Sharia.

This editorial is good at examining the nuances of the Taliban demands, but essentially they are demanding something the Pakistani Government can’t deliver as a precondition to laying down arms. (The US out of Afghanistan.)


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The War Tapes

The War and our efforts in Iraq is what it is, and screw the people right or left who suborn what our military is accomplishing to politics.

Mooky Surrenders While the Press Begs Him Not to

The press is full of Nihilistic projections about the south of Iraq, but while they try to make this the “new Tet”, Mooky’s surrendered just before Maliki’s deadline expired. More at Hot Air

Obama Lies Again; He’s no Reagan

In recent appearances Obama is trying to win back some moderate voters and the Republicans voting in Rush Limbaugh’s operation Chaos by stating that he would hearken back to the successful foreign policies of Ronald Reagan and Bush 41.

That’s the most politically opportunistic bald-faced lie that Obama’s made so far in a campaign that’s become full of controversy after the Reverend Wright “revelations.”

Somehow I can’t picture Obama putting nuclear missiles forward into Afghanistan and staring steely-eyed at the Communist Party in China until Tibet, North Korea, and Myanmar were freed from vassallage to China’s imperialist drive in the Asian Continent as President Reagan did with the Soviets in Europe.

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Karl Rove: The Horns and Tail are Retractable

Here’s a short segment of  a Karl Rove speech at George Washington University, and the moonbats who interupted him. As they are hauled away the other students applaud and chant “Tase ’em ! Tase ’em! Good, humorous viewing to enjoy with breakfast.

New Government Coalition Settled, Gilani Speech

The final barriers to full coalition in Pakistan have fallen with agreement on ministers, and a historic mark was set with unanimous support from the National Assembly.  Today the new Prime Minister address the joint houses of Government in Pakistan to outline the new government’s policies and direction.

He put forth a sweeping agenda that will win a great deal of support from the populace if it is carried through with.He did state that Terrorism was the major concern of the nation, but at the same time has said that the government is willing to negotiate with the terrorists to achieve peace. (I’ll have more on that after I cover the rest of his speech)

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Hillary: It’s Not Over ’til the Grey Lady Sings

On Fox News last night Hillary Clinton laid out some of her strategy, and it looks like a scorched-earth march through North Carolina to Denver is in the offing. She looks forward to a credentials fight at the convention, and is challenging the party over the Florida and Michigan votes.

The video is now down at Fox, and it’s causing the page to hang…. that’ll be the last time I embed video directly from Fox.
..and Part II where the real strategy is laid out:

So wooing of superdelegates, plans to “recreate ’68“, and great political theater will continue through to the convention, better load up at the concession stand while you can.