President’s Day Apple Rant

Today is President’s day and I’m off work, so I got my walk in early and now I’m listening to James Supercave and wondering what to do the rest of this fine day. I think a visit to the hardware store is in order – there’s a lot of non-GFI outlets next to sinks in this house. I’m reading some David Brin (Uplift again…)and Richard Kadrey(Sandman Slim) in the interstices between events and plans, and all seems to be going well.

So here comes my Apple rant — keep the above in mind so you don’t consider the following representative of how I am or where I’m going, but yeah – I am angry at Apple. Years ago I got an IPOD as a gift, and promptly converted my music library to Itunes, and later lossless with Apple’s version of FLAC, ALAC. All was well, I listened to just the tunes I like in an endless rotation – no crap, no pap.

Much much later that original IPOD started dying in the cold after about 15 minutes so Santa brought me an IPOD 5 or 6 (I care about the version: nyet.) I use this thing for one purpose Apple nabobs and fanboys: I use it to play just the music I like — nothing less, nothing more.

So I toggle off the Apple snoopcode and data prying bits and pieces where I see ’em and I try to keep it slimmed down to the minimum set of code bits needed to play music. I have it syncing to the ITUNES cloud but otherwise I don’t want FUCKING APPLE in my shit, and I don’t want APPLE and their cheap ass stream service that rapes all music creators.

I pay for my songs, and I want to play just my songs. I’m sick and tired of having to go through five minutes of poking around a nearly bricked IPOD clicking off adds for streaming service and and crap from FUCKING APPLE anytime I want to just play my music. When this IPOD dies, it won’t be Apple gear replacing it, so suck it Apple nabobs and fanboys, I’m through with you.