Release Week

dragcomp.jpgIt’s a release week where I work, and it’s likely that I will be working some long hours and be traveling at the same time — so over the next week the posting here will be spotty. Don’t worry, barring death or dismemberment I will be here for the next decade or more. Thanks for your patience all.

Jamia Hafsa Asks for Fatwah on Moderation

pakistan30307_wideweb__470×3110.jpgIn the latest move by the militant provocateurs of Jamia Hafsa they have sent a letter to the Grand Mosque asking for a religious decree from the prayer leader. They want a declaration or Fatwa on the use of terrorism to describe Jihad, and on obscenity, and they brought up Nilofer Bahktiar, Minister of Tourism, as well as obscenity again. 

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