Sir Karl Popper’s “Science as Falsification”

Originally published in “Conjectures and Refutations” (1963). A key discussion in the philosophy of science.

A discussion of Sir Karl’s Problem of Demarcation and the principle of falsification.

You may notice a few places where the audio seems to skip. This is a microphone glitch that has recently developed. I made my best effort to repair or simply trim away any defects I spotted. I’ll probably need to purchase a new microphone in the near future.

via Sir Karl Popper’s “Science as Falsification” – YouTube.

The Doggie Hatch

My wife and I got tired of Kasey rocketing downstairs and trying to run through the screen door & either ripping it, or knocking it out of the tracks. So we ordered a plastic snap together dog door. We had to modify it because the snaps didn’t fit together well, and kept coming undone — I drilled through the plastic on both sides where the snaps were, and we  sewed it on with weed whacker line. It’s been in place three years now and it’s doing fine.

Even without the kit however, you can see how it would be easy to make one of these with leather, wood, or plastic strips, and some fishing or weed whacker line.