Brownback Fumbles While Speaking to Cheeseheads

brownbackraza.jpgSenator Brownback from Kansas, presidential primary candidate and aspirant to Ronald Reagan’s shoes, fumbled a football analogy today while speaking in Wisconsin. Maybe he just got mixed up and thought he was in Indianapolis? Who knows. One thing you don’t do when running for office is call any quarterback “the greatest” since you are bound to offend someone. Instead you say “One of the greatest quarterbacks, Brett Favre…” or “the great quarterback, Peyton Manning…” … but you still don’t talk Peyton in front of the Cheeseheads, that’s a major gaffe when trying to come off as a populist to Green Bay fans.

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Mullah Dadullah Dead

dadullah-dead-2.jpgThe folks at Reuters are really going to miss this guy’s late night phone calls, but both Pakistan and Afghanistan are much better off without the miscreant. Voice of America reports that Mullah Dadullah is now dead, more here:

NATO officials confirmed Mullah Dadullah’s death Sunday.

In a brief written statement NATO says the Taleban commander was killed in a U.S.-led coalition operation and called his death “a serious blow” to the insurgency.

Saeed Ansari, spokesman for the Afghan intelligence agency, says Mullah Dadullah was killed Saturday night in Helmand province.

Ansari says Dadullah was killed during a military operation, and his body has been moved to neighboring Kandahar province.

Kandahar Governor Asadullah Khalid reportedly showed Dadullah’s remains to several local journalists.

More at the Fourth Rail, Bill has pics of the corpse, and a history of Daddullah.

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Mao Misfigured in Memory of Tianamen

Today a “vandal” threw a flaming object at the giant portrait of Mao on Tianamen square, and the authorities cleared the commons. It was no accident that this happened on May 13th, anniversary of the start of of the student hunger strike there in 1989. Eventually that hunger strike led to larger demonstrations, and a massacre of the dissidents by Chinese trooops. More here.

You cannot remember Tianamen without remembering the tankman, a man who will live forever as an icon of freedom.