Taliban Murder 10 Afghans

In Afghanistan the Taliban tried an attack on a NATO base, but they are terribly incompetent nowadays. Instead they rained rockets on a civilian neighborhood, murdering 10 Pashtuns. From Daily times:

ASDADABAD: Ten civilians were killed when Taliban rebels fired rockets at a US base in eastern Afghanistan on Friday, and an Afghan soldier died in a suicide bombing outside the Kabul airport.

The 10 civilians died and another five were injured when militants fired rockets at the US-led coalition base in eastern Kunar province’s Chawkai district, which hit a nearby village, police and officials said. “The Taliban fired several rockets over the base but the rockets fell short and landed on civilian homes,” police official Abdul Sabour Allahyar told AFP.

Hsu Surrenders in California

norman-hsu.jpgNorman Hsu, Democrat “rain-maker” or fund raiser, surrendered to authorities in San Mateo, California today to face grand theft charges. This is the third questionable donor to fall from grace after contributing to Hillary Clinton and other Democrat campaign funds. Can you say “Culture of Corruption?” — Yes, I thought you could! Now where did I put my sweater and loafers…. Continue reading “Hsu Surrenders in California”

Compensate Gitmo Detainees? NO Way says Mahmood

A Baharainian blogger, Mahmood is upset about a proposal to compensate detainees released from Guantanamo. He says it’s tacit support for terror. Story here

If the parliament really adopts this brainfart it is as if they accept and even condone terrorism. It is tantamount to announcing to the world that terrorism pays! Wasn’t it you and your ilk who fully supported the Law Against Terrorism in parliament? Whatisitwijyouboy? Double standards is your way of life?

Listen, they made their own beds and now they should bloody well lie in them. They are now free and not thanks to your “efforts” but that of the BCHR primarily and their activist US lawyers. You jammed yourself right in the middle for your own political gains and most certainly not theirs.

So get off that high horse of yours and don’t go throwing money hither and thither, your job as an MP is to ensure that that does not happen not aid and abet it for God’s sake. Get a life will ya!

The F-22 Raptor; A Beautiful Thing

The F-22 Raptor is America’s next generation fighter, capable of supercruising to destination and passing supersonic speeds without JATOs afterburners. It’s stealthy, even when armed to the max, as few other aircraft are. In practice matches with up to five f-16 and f-18 opponents who flew the Raptor and knew its tactics the Raptor shot down all opponents before they knew it was there. Here you see it in some low speed maneuvering, and halfway through you see the weapons bay doors open and close.

From Yakima to Mo

My parents just completed another trip with a rented van and trailer — one of many in their lives. Some in vans, some in just cars, it’s a life you get used to in the Military. Traveling at night because you can make better times, loading up in a weekend and cross-country you go. Continue reading “From Yakima to Mo”

Hillary’s Shady Donors

The Los Angeles times reports on Norman Hsu, fugitive from the law and a great fundraiser for Hillary Clinton and other Democrat party candidates. From the LA Times:

For the last 15 years, California authorities have been trying to figure out what happened to a businessman named Norman Hsu, who pleaded no contest to grand theft, agreed to serve up to three years in prison and then seemed to vanish.

“He is a fugitive,” Ronald Smetana, who handled the case for the state attorney general, said in an interview. “Do you know where he is?”

Hsu, it seems, has been hiding in plain sight, at least for the last three years.

Since 2004, one Norman Hsu has been carving out a prominent place of honor among Democratic fundraisers. He has funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions into party coffers, much of it earmarked for presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.

I’ve previously reported on two other questionable donors, but the LA Times fails to string those together with the current story, hardly an unintentional oversight as they’ve reported the stories on the other illegal contributions, and donors with questionable business practices.

UPDATE: Boxer and Feinstein also giving back contributions from Paw and Hsu. Video from Fox News;

Previous story on “Ray” Jinnah here and here

Previous stories on Vinod Gupta Here.

So…. let’s add Norman Hsu to the list, and keep watching. Grab a bowl of popcorn, this is getting interesting.

Al Qaeda Threat

UPDATE: Memri Blog reports that that US intelligence is hunting Osama Bin Laden in Tora Bora. He is supposed to be hiding in a “white cave” inside Tora Bora and the current military operations are designed to capture him. This is according to “unamed Pakistani Diplomatic sources” in a translated article at Al Watan.  

Today the news warned of an impending new Al Qaeda threat in the US, but government officials stated there wasn’t actionable intelligence or indicators to specify a target. The wording indicated that Al Qaeda has an “active Plot”. Usually these warnings come from increased chatter on the internet and other locations, interrogations of newly captured AQ operatives, or from foreign governments. Continue reading “Al Qaeda Threat”

How Not to Smuggle Yellowcake

In China there is a long-standing black-market in Uranium, smuggled out of state mines and sold across Asia and the sub-continent. The nuclear Djinn is out of the bottle, never to be placed back inside. It’s only a matter of time before more states become nuclear capable, no matter how hard we press for non-proliferation.

Continue reading “How Not to Smuggle Yellowcake”

Iraq Reaches Landmark Consensus on Baathists

800px-flag_of_iraq_svg.pngIt’s about time! In a landmark consensus Iraq’s government has agreed to loosen restrictions on ex-Baathists holding government jobs and positions. This has been what’s been needed a while. A few months back I wrote about how the Baathists were now the “dispossessed” of Iraq — they have all lost position, status, wealth, and lands.

Like the Loyalists in the US after the American Revolution, the Baathists need a solution — unlike the Loyalists there aren’t other countries willing to take them in and recompense them. Continue reading “Iraq Reaches Landmark Consensus on Baathists”

JeM, LeJ, and SeS Join Al Qaeda

A new report from Pakistan states that the terrorist groups Jaish-e-Muhammad, Lashkar-e-Jangvi and Sipah-e-Sahaba have joined Al Qaida in alignment against the government and people of Pakistan. Keep in mind that most believe JeM to be an umbrella group, with subsidiaries among the various Kashmir Jihadi groups, such as HJI. The report also identifies their leader in North Waziristan, Abu Ali Tunisi, or “The Tunisian” — note the naming convention matches Al Qaeda practice.

Continue reading “JeM, LeJ, and SeS Join Al Qaeda”