Environmentalists Lied – People Died!

 Environmental Imperialism

The environmentalists and anti-war activists in this country tend to be one and the same, and their mantra of the past few years has been “Bush Lied — People Died.”

Forget for a moment your normal reaction to their theory that Sadaam had zero weapons of mass destruction – yes, centrifuges for enrichment were found, over 500 sarin and mustard gas shells have been found, terrorist training camps were found, labs were found, more sarin was found, well, you get the idea. Just forget all that for a moment, and like the left pretend that it’s not real.

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That San Francisco Thing

If you want a rundown on that San Francisco thing, the best facts are here, and pics are at Gateway Pundit.

I am going to refrain from commenting on motive simply because I got burned jumping to conclusions here. This one seems exceedingly clear to me however, follow the links and judge for yourselves.

That’s one of things I love about blogging and bloggers — it’s your face and your reputation out there, if you make an error you better correct it, and make the correction obvious. No page 20 retractions allowed for bloggers.

Media Callousness, a Tale of Horror from India

This is a tale of a burning man, told with clarity on Suhasini Haid-Ar’s blog at IBN in India. It demonstrates the extreme distance some journalists put themselves from conscience and morals. Please do not follow this link nor read the sad tale if you are faint of heart. I for one will not sleep easy tonight.


I guess you can’t blame the people (including apparently, 1 state minister) for not being able to help. But I do blame all of them,yes,including fellow journalists, for not even trying. Capturing dramatic events on tape is what keeps our livelihood, but allowing people to die as we watch takes away our humanity.

Non-Nuclear ICBM’s Update III

Wiki news and others are reporting on Donald Rumsfeld’s recent urging of using ICBM’s with conventional war-heads. You’ve been reading it here since April, but essentially this sets up the capability to strike Iran’s nuclear enrichment factories fully, it gives us the capability to hit UBL next time he’s sighted in Darkot or Waziristan.

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For a Chuckle

Please stop by Planck’s Constant for a hilarious remake of a classic comedy skit —

Hu’s on First.

Iranian Repression and Torture Continues

batebi_0.jpgIn earlier articles here you’ve seen a steady campaign of tightening repression in Iran. They have imprisoned some dissidents, hung others, shelled Kurd and Balochi villages, tightened internet filtering, and taken down satellite dishes across the country.

Gateway Pundit has been doing a fantastic job of covering this, please stop by and see the latest on the worsening health of Ahmad Batebi.

The Death of an Evil Man

nawab akbar bugti.jpgNawab Akbar Bugti is dead, along with most of his top followers from Dera Bugti, including other family members. Bugti was unhappy with the elected government and many other things, and used terror tactics, insurrection, and a tribal separatist movement to try to change that, establishing himself as the regional warlord. Perhaps his intent was good in his mind, but the means used were evil and unconscionable: death, terror, banditry, and destruction. By using those tactics, he invalidated his causes and set those causes back a century.



In an earlier war update, I had this to say about the tribal Strong Man structure you still see throughout the middle-east and east

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Iran Tests Sub to Surface Missile From Persian Gulf

Iran continues their Zarbat Zolfegar, or Blow of Zolfaghar war games, and have successfully test fired a submarine to Surface Missle from the Persian Gulf. The Iranians are reporting this as a test of a “Long-Range” undersea-to-surface missile, but all references I can find denote the Thaqeb missile as a SAM, and certainly not long range.

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FOX Reporters Freed Forced to Convert To Islam

The Religion of Peace wins false converts with guns. Strong faiths do not need guns to win real converts. If this continues over time muslims will not have to worry about a potentential backlash, there will be a real backlash. Trying to expand your religion or your influence, or your land by gunpoint isn’t something that’s going to happen, let’s face it: if you have to resort to tactics like this, then you are weak and cowardly.

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Binary Liquid Explosives Do Work

As I predicted in a comment at Little Green Footballs a week ago, the action line in the left side of the mainstream media has shifted from “not real” to “not feasible” after the police have disclosed evidence, including matyrdom videos from the failed terrorists. In the UK Register we have a very authoritative appearing article spouting all the myths about binary liquid explosives. Authoritative sounding when it’s not sneering and joking about mass murder that is.

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