Orcas Island Veterans Graves Desecration UPDATE

flags-burnt.jpgWhen someone desecrates veteran’s graves and burns flags, replacing them with swastikas, you know that “peace” movement leftists must be around. In the previous update I speculated about Code Pink, and guess what I found on the San Juan Islander web site?

Here are photos from the Orcas Island Fourth of July parade from last year: 








Somehow I knew that these folks would be around, yes, it’s code pink. To be fair to the islanders, there are four pages of flag-waving, patriotic Islanders leading up to this last page, and we don’t know if some one from Code Pink desecrated the graves, that investigation continues. This is more commentary on the Island’s atmosphere and culture.

5 thoughts on “Orcas Island Veterans Graves Desecration UPDATE”

  1. Desecrating the graves of those who died to protect your right to DISAGREE with others (when done courteously)…

    They show themselves cowards, small, mean-spirited and ignorant.

  2. To juxtaposition a swastika to a peace movement by definition is inconsistent, no matter how unappealing to your senses the movement may be. I have no affiliation with the “Code Pink” peace movement, but to insinuate they have uniformly conspired to commit a criminal act simply because they do not live up to “your” sense of standards is disingenuous and shows a true lack of critical thinking and objectivity.

    As far as your stated and inferred inculpation of lack of patriotism, if you truly believe in patriotism and the present state of our military conflict the present military enlistment age is 18 – 42 years of age. If you and anyone with your belief system is between these ages and not serving in the military or completed a previous military obligation your words are meaningless and cowardly. It also begs the question if you believe your words why are you not also fighting and risking your life for this countries freedom instead of making unsubstantiated innuendos at the cost of others and to make yourself feel self important?

  3. You haven’t been to Zombie time I see. The left has used swastikas repeatedly in marches, anti-israel demonstrations, and anti war demonstrations. Go to Zombietime.com and you can see for yourself. Code Pink members have been caught on tape saying horrible things about our troops. Get a grip, we all know lefties did this, you do as well. The fact that there are plenty of leftists evident in the Orcas Island parade just tells me that somewhere there are moonbats lurking, maybe they aren’t the code pinkers, maybe they are.

    One more thing : if you are going to use a quarter word where a nickle word will do, at least understand what it means. I didn’t accuse Code Pink of anything, as was clearly stated in the post.

  4. Hello,

    linking the events of memorial day to the pink peace movment here on orcas is just dead wrong.

    I know many of those people marching shown in the pictures from the islands sounder web site. I was there on the crowd watching them.

    I’ve talked with many of them. in two cases, when hearing of the news, they broke down in tears. NONE of them would condone the cowardly acts taken by those who attacted the grave sites at Woodlawn.

    Get a clue, we can speculate till our heads explode. but until these cowards are brought to justice, and I assure you they will be, and we can ask them why? we will not know the real meaning behind the act.

    This event is in no way a reflection of our island way of life. No true islander wanted this event to occur, not here, not anywhere. Don’t give these cowardly malcontents more air time.

  5. I agree with most of what you said, however the folks in pink side with UFPJ and ANSWER, and if you go to Zombietime.com you can see how rabid they can get. You are there, so I can’t argue that most of the folks marching in the parade aren’t good people, with good intentions — I don’t know them, you do. However even good folks sometimes align with bad causes; sometimes from ignorance or just for convenience. Please do some research on Code Pink, and who they are aligned with friend, they don’t have america’s interests in mind.

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