Mosque in Pakistan Offers Million Dollar Bounty for Rushdie’s Head

muslimrage-ii.jpgThe National Assembly in Pakistan is still frothing over the Knighting of Salman Rushdie and now a mosque is offering a million dollar bounty for his head and they have Knighted Osama Bin Laden:

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Three German Terrorists Arrested in Pakistan

Are these graduates from the Dadullah Taliban suicide bomber graduation tape?

From the Daily Times:

Authorities in Pakistan have arrested three Germans for suspected links to Islamist extremist groups, police in Germany said Friday.

Two of the Germans were converts to Islam, the head of the federal police Joerg Ziercke, told reporters in the southwestern city of Wiesbaden, adding that the suspects were being held in Pakistan.

The third man, already considered by the German authorities to be a dangerous individual with links to Islamist extremists, was of foreign origin and had been living in the Wiesbaden region, officials said; They would not immediately say when the Germans were arrested, but the German newspaper Die Welt reported in its Saturday edition that the arrests were made “several days ago”.

One suspect was arrested trying to cross illegally from Pakistan to Iran, the second was apprehended in Karachi, while the third was trying to return to Germany, Die Welt reported, quoting government sources.

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Lal Masjid Kidnaps Chinese Nationals

jamia-fareedia-mowlis.jpgIn their latest bid to provoke the government into attacking them and creating at flashpoint for extremists, Lal Masjid has kidnapped five Chinese Nationals, who worked at a massage parlor. Accusing the workers of being part of a brothel, they have appointed themselves the law, judge, and jury.

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Guiliani Poll Extract

I get the Guiliani campaign newsletter, and will be posting extracts from it on occasion. I will keep these to the facts and avoid the campaign rhetoric, although most of what Rudy says is straight ahead and not hard to interpret. Here are some interesting polling results:

The ABC News/Washington Post Poll offers some insight as to why the Mayor maintains a lead in public opinion polling.

  • 55% of Republican primary voters say Rudy Giuliani is the strongest leader in the race – that is a 29-point lead over his nearest opponent.
  • 53% say he has the best chance of being elected President in 2008 – a 31-point lead over his nearest opponent.
  • 59% would trust him to handle a major crisis – a 36-point lead over his nearest opponent.
  • Mayor Giuliani leads on other key attributes as well – he is the “most inspiring” and “best understands the problems of people like you”.

Disclaimer: I am firmly for Rudy Guiliani’s presidential bid, have contributed to his campaign, and hope to see him in the oval office in ’08.

Newt’s Two Americas

Like Edwards, Newt Gingrich sees two Americas — however I like Newt’s divisor much more than the Breck Girl’s.