Guiliani Poll Extract

I get the Guiliani campaign newsletter, and will be posting extracts from it on occasion. I will keep these to the facts and avoid the campaign rhetoric, although most of what Rudy says is straight ahead and not hard to interpret. Here are some interesting polling results:

The ABC News/Washington Post Poll offers some insight as to why the Mayor maintains a lead in public opinion polling.

  • 55% of Republican primary voters say Rudy Giuliani is the strongest leader in the race – that is a 29-point lead over his nearest opponent.
  • 53% say he has the best chance of being elected President in 2008 – a 31-point lead over his nearest opponent.
  • 59% would trust him to handle a major crisis – a 36-point lead over his nearest opponent.
  • Mayor Giuliani leads on other key attributes as well – he is the “most inspiring” and “best understands the problems of people like you”.

Disclaimer: I am firmly for Rudy Guiliani’s presidential bid, have contributed to his campaign, and hope to see him in the oval office in ’08.