Interesting Guitar Work

While looking for an old vid on  I came across this — would be interested to find out who this is, and if he has any CD’s out.  If you know, please leave a comment.

Rumors of Israeli Strike

f15-i-thunder-the-hammers.jpgPlease stop by Israel Matzav this morn where Carl analyzes the latest rumors of a pending Israeli strike against Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Carl doesn’t see it as likely before summer ’08.

The Death of an Evil Man – Chemical Ali to Hang

halabja3.jpgAli Hassan al-Majid, cousin to Sadaam Hussein, was sentenced to death today for his part in the Halabja chemical massacre, and for the brutality with which he exterminated the Shia in Southern Iraq. He was tried by the Iraq Special Tribunal for crimes against humanity, and for genocide. If you think this harsh, here are the words of Ali speaking to Sadaam Hussein, captured on tape and replayed during the trial

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