Lal Masjid Kidnaps Chinese Nationals

jamia-fareedia-mowlis.jpgIn their latest bid to provoke the government into attacking them and creating at flashpoint for extremists, Lal Masjid has kidnapped five Chinese Nationals, who worked at a massage parlor. Accusing the workers of being part of a brothel, they have appointed themselves the law, judge, and jury.

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from the Daily Times:

Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa students raided a Chinese massage centre in Sector F-8/3 and took hostage five Chinese nationals, including three women and two men, on late Saturday night in Islamabad, Geo television reported. According to the channel, two vehicles full of armed seminary students raided the massage centre, abducted the staff and brought them to the mosque. Geo reported Jamia Hafsa administration as alleging that a brothel was being run under the garb the massage centre. The Lal Masjid clerics could not be contacted as they had switched off their mobile phones. Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) officials reached the seminary and were trying to secure the release of the abducted Chinese through dialogue, it reported. Earlier, the students had abducted an alleged brothel owner and released her after a couple of days. They had also abducted and later released two police personnel.

The madrassa has previously been in several standoffs with the government, which include:

  1. Threatening store owners
  2. Appointing themselves the Hijab Police, patrolling Islamabad with “danda Badar” canes
  3. Kidnapping a women and her daughters, holding them hostage several days
  4. Issuing a fatwah against the Pakistan Tourism minister
  5. Issuing a Death Fatwah against all staff of Octane magazine
  6. Occupying government property
  7. Land Theft
  8. Declaring Jihad against Moderate Islam
  9. Carrying arms in a girl’s school
  10. Kidnapping Islamabad Police

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