On the Road Again

Blogging is going to be spotty this week, I’m on the road awhile. I just watched my first installment of Dan Rather’s new show on HDnet, so far a loving tribute to the poor, misunderstood Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico. Lots of interviews with people wearing bandanas and masks with grievances against the government.

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AQ/Taliban Camp Struck in North Waziristan

A missile or bomb strike has hit a Taliban training camp in North Waziristan, this comes pretty closely following Mansoor “baby” Dadullah’s release of a tape threatening the US and UK with suicide bomber attacks. Total casualties are unknown (28 killed, 10 casualties reported,) but an estimated 45 assorted foreign Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters were in the camp according to local sources. The missile strike comes because of coordinated efforts from intel sources in Waziristan, drones, and very effective missiles fired from Afghanistan.

Again I will point out that not only are the Taliban heavily infiltrated, but they are also warring amongst themselves for lead. It’s entirely possible that these AQAM forces were turned in  by rival forces.

Please stop by The Fourth Rail for the fullest report.  Also H/T to Ornery Elephant for dropping this by in comments.