Black Tuesday Comes Once a Month

microsoft-logo.jpgIt’s Black Tuesday, so here’s the monthly reminder to go get patched if you use “Gates Gear”. New security bulletins from microsoft are out, exploits using these will be out before the weekend, so get patched.

More at ISC.

Also noteworthy in the security department:

Yahoo Messenger Exploit

Fake Microsoft Email Security Bulletin

Pop Quiz – I got them both right, see if you can.

Memorial to the Victims of Communism

Gateway Pundit has good coverage of the memorial dedicated to the victims of communism today in Washington. It’s a statue of the replica of our Statue of Liberty that students took to Tianamen Square, the statue crushed in the massacre on 6/4 1989. LA times article here. History of mass murdering regimes here.  (*Warning: don’t follow this last link if you are weak of spirit or constitution.) It’s fitting that the Memorial was dedicated on the anniversary of president Ronald Reagan’s “Tear Down This Wall!” speech.

Rudy’s Commitments

rudy.jpgDuring a speech at the Old Bedford Town Hall in New Hampshire today, Mayor Rudy Giuliani announced Twelve Commitments to the American people, a bold vision aimed at moving America forward through change and reform, overcoming new challenges and increasing accountability in Washington.

Rudy’s Twelve Commitments are based on the principles of giving people more freedom, more power, and more responsibility over their own lives, while protecting our nation, strengthening our economy, and improving the quality of life.

I believe America solves its problems best from strength, not weakness, and from optimism, not pessimism, Giuliani said. My Twelve Commitments are a promise to this generation and generations to come that we will keep the American dream alive. I believe it’s the kind of leadership and common sense accountability the American people need in Washington.

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Bin Laden Dead or Alive

al-qaida-schism.jpgIf Osama Bin Laden is alive, he has deserted his cause or he has been captured.

At the Jamestown Foundation Global Terrorism Analysis site they document the desperate discussion going on in the Jihadi forums, with different groups floating different excuses and speculation on why he’s not been seen or heard from the past year and a half. Continue reading “Bin Laden Dead or Alive”