Zawahiri Backs Hamas

zawahiri-dajjal.jpgIn the “you know who the terrorists are” category — you know you are a terrorist when Al Qaeda supports you.

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The Supremes Release a New Hit

scotus.jpgThis should be number one with a bullet in no time, as the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that Free Speech overides limits on money in politics. Hurrah! Someone gets Free Speech right! Speech about candidates, issues, and elections must be free, and especially at election time. Take that McCain, take that Feingold — that’s got to smart.

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Christopher Hitchens Exposes Pakiwood

muslimrage-ii.jpg<<<<THIS IS Not Muslim Rage boy, but a new contender for the title.


It’s the Rage Boy back again, as Christopher Hitchens exposes the Pakiwood productions of┬áMMA and other extremist parties in Pakistan. You’ve seen articles here in the past explaining that the majority of Pakistan is somewhat moderate compared to the yo-yo’s in the Taliban-sympathizing MMA, but Christopher has been there and I have not, so perhaps you will believe him. Also for a great historical retrospective of Rage Boy Rants, stop by The Snapped Shot.

The Taliban’s Latest Recruit

daddullah-damned-2.jpgWhile we hear of every “short of mark” for our military’s recruitment months, we never hear of how the Taliban are doing in meeting their recruiting numbers. Early this year the now-deceased Mullah Dadullah was promising “Tens of thousands of suicide bombers” in Afghanistan. Later that fell to “thousands”, and now to “hundreds” — like the Spring offensive that never came, this too is a bust. To demonstrate how desperate they have become, here is a story of their latest recruit, a six-year old orphan. Continue reading “The Taliban’s Latest Recruit”

Lee Kaplan’s Internet Stalker

cockroach.jpgThis is a sad tale of internet stalking and defamy, please stop by LGF for the story, or hit Lee’s site here.