What’s Crossing?

hamasrafahborder.jpgWith most Hamas actions there is an overt, and a covert component. The last couple of days we’ve seen the brutality of HAMAS, and that’s the overt action. What’s happening behind the scenes, and why do they want to control the border crossing to Egypt? What is scheduled to cross? See LGF thread.

More on the latest developements at Haretz, H/T Ornery Elephant

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Hillary’s Friends

hillary.jpgjinnah_ar.jpgA bit more research on Rehman “Ray” Jinnah reveals that he was chair of the Pakistani American Link Committee, and they have a few friends in congress besides Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. Rehman returned to America to face his indictment for illegal campaign contributions a few weeks back, and interestingly enough, not a peep’s been heard in the press since. Here’s the Sourcewatch details of the known contributions, and a snip from a past article. Continue reading “Hillary’s Friends”

PKK Attack After Ceasefire

PKK terrorists attacked in Turkey today, killing two soldiers. It’s not surprising that they would break the just declared “cease-fire” since terrorist groups by definition have neither honor nor discipline, and can’t taken for their word.

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