Pakistan Update

benazir-bhutto.jpgNobody can deny there is some freedom of the press in Pakistan, in tonight’s Daily Times you see a scathing editorial by Benazir Bhutto that directly criticizes Musharraf which originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal.  The editorial is well worth reading, but Benazir does diminish the extremist threat a bit — things are different in Pakistan than they were when she left ten years ago. The Muslim Brotherhood, AQ, and the Taliban have had ten years to educate a new generation of jihadis, and the problem is much more widespread than Bhutto paints, but probably less so than most westerners think. As usual, the truth lies somewhere between the two perceptions.

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Su Su Nway Freed in Burma (Myanmar)

su-su-nway.jpgThe Military Junta released Freedom advocate Su Su Nway, after holding her nearly a month. Su Su Nway led a prayer vigil for Suu Kyi, the lawful leader of Burma who’s been held prisoner one way or another for 11 of the past 17 years.

Su Su Nway was in the hospital with a heart condition, and it’s a strange pattern that prominent democracy advocates in Burma often end up needing medical care. It hearkens back to the days of the Soviet Politburo, when dissenters were sent to psychiatric units and other doctors while in prime health and mental condition.

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Musharraf Rescinds Media Blackout Laws

President Musharraf of Pakistan has rescinded the law that allows PEMRA to close and confiscate broadcaster stations after meeting with media leaders. He extracted from them a promise to come up with a code of ethics for broadcasters in three days. This is good news, and it should calm things a bit. The Chief Justice Investigation, the suspended Christian Nurses, Jamia hafsa, unrest in Balochistan, and the Pakistan Taliban extreme shariat NWFP insurgency are still simmering in the background however.

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The Clinton-Pelosi Immigrant Problem Update

pelosi.jpghilary_clinton.jpgIn two past posts I’ve detailed the connections of the Clintons and Pelosi to immigrant and foreign national donors in disreputable business. One is under indictment for illegal campaign contributions, the other has a lot of questions coming his way from law enforcement agencies.

The mainstream press isn’t carrying this at all, but it’s starting to get some buzz.

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Starving Wolves

Matt Dupee at has an excellent article on the dissolution of Hezb-i-Islami, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s terrorist group. Well worth the read in that it is more fuel to the theory that the Jihad is running out of gas.

Other examples of desperation besides the infighting of Hezb-i-Islami:

  • Taliban and AQ paying triple and quadruple the going rate for mercenaries, and not finding enough.
  • Kidnapping of Students to use as Jihadi’s
  • Opening new fronts (India, Turkey most recently) in vain hope to gain recruits
  • The summer offensive that still hasn’t materialized
  • Fighting between factions across the Islamic extremist fronts
  • Multiple “leaders” each trying to recruit
  • Multiple assassinations and infiltrations between groups