Wind and Sun

wind-and-sun.jpgWind and sun passed over plains

searching for a child loved by many;

eyes closed by evil never to open again.

The many searched but all was vain,

she would not see the next rain.

Some shudder now with her loss,

hearts gripped with ice and pain.

So parents smile at your children;

hug them tight again.

Life’s a treasure while you hold it

so value what you touch.

Remember those whose breath was taken,

ensure them justice not forsaken.

Help Find Kelsey Smith: update… found :(

200+ law enforcement officials are searching a 900 acre area in South Kansas City, Missouri for the missing Kansas teen, Kelsey Smith.


Update: Kelsey has been found deceased in the area of search. I don’t know what else to say but that my heart goes out to her family, and her friends, this is a terrible thing to hear.

Please do keep helping by looking for the person of interest below.

kelseysmithsuspect01.jpgtruck2.jpgFox News also has an update and pictures of the person of interest police are looking for, as well as a ’70s model Chevrolet pickup truck they believe might be related.

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