Death Fatwah Update

The Lal Masjid Fatwah calling for the death of the editors, publishers, and staff of Octane is still out there, and eventually some idiot will act on it. What are they upset about? This advertisement, which appeared in other magazines as well without the Fatwah. The text on the Ad said:

adam-and-eve.jpgAdam and Eve
The apple the bone of contention.

The fool Abdul Aziz from Lal Masjid calls it blasphemy, and unlike the other crazy Fatwahs recently (breast feeding, etc,) this one has real potential to cause real harm to real people. While the Pakistanis raised quite a ruckus over restrictions in the press from PEMRA, it remains to be seen what they will say about this. Regardless, both are sinister attempts to strangle freedom, just from different sources.

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