Taliban Kidnap Deminers

Deminers are courageous¬†folks who do the dangerous work of clearing the many minefields left by the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, and the Iranian’s constant feed of mines to the Taliban and other insurgent groups. (They don’t seem to care who, as long as their neighbor states are weakened and diminished.)¬†The Deminers are doing good work since it’s a rare month when you don’t read of a child or civilian killed by the left-over mines.

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Chinese Nationals Released by Ghazi

lal-masjid-batons.jpgIn Pakistan Abdul Rashid Ghazi of the Lal Masjid madrassa has released the 9 Chinese nationals taken hostage for fourteen hours.

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Taliban Child Abuse

weasel123.jpgPlease stop by Weasel Zippers to read about the latest Taliban atrocity.

Aryan Nation Child Abuse

The Palestinians aren’t the only ones who teach their children hate, in this chilling video expose by Tyra Banks you see that the Aryan nation is just as evil and just as active in calling for the death of all jews and all blacks. Video below the fold, click the read more link.

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1,500 Taliban Killed

daddullah-damned-2.jpgIt appears that the fabled offensive of the Taliban is once more finding the going extremely tough as the Afghan government reports the following stats since March:

  • 1,554 Taleban and Al Qaeda killed
  • 530 Terrorists captured
  • 23 Would-be Suicide bombers captured
  • 700 Taleban wounded

Comparing this to last year it appears that the Jihad is dying out, pun intended.

h/t Ornery Elephant

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