Solar Power Satellite Renaissance

sps.jpgIn his book, “The High Frontier“, Professor Gerard K. O’Neill recognized that there would need to be commercial reasons to build the first Space Colonies. The inspirational work posited that we need to live in space as well as on earth, after all why have all your eggs in one basket? 

To futher the possibility of SPS, he expanded the early work of Arthur C. Clarke, and detailed how Solar Power Satellites would not only encourage space colonization, but also create a source of clean, un-ending energy for the burgeoning population of planet earth. 

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Mango Knife Fight update

mango-knifefightiii.jpgmango-knife-fight-ii.jpgTo update you on the outcome of the infamous mango knife-fight, here’s some update photos, after stitches, and after stitch-removal.

Kelsey Smith Murder Suspect Arrested

kelseysmithsuspect01.jpgIn Kansas it’s 3:18 am — I couldn’t sleep well because Kelsey’s abduction, murder, and callous disposal in a lake has disturbed me greatly. My daugher shops at the same store Kelsey was taken from. Thousands have searched for her, only to have all hopes shattered after the corpse was found at Longview Lake.

Earlier I wrote a poem about Justice, and this is Kansas where Justice means prosecuter Phil Kline, who just announced that charges will be filed Thursday morning against Olathe resident Edwin R. Hall. I urge him to seek the death penalty if this man is guilty of the crime.


Two video feeds of suspect here at AP

UPDATE FROM FOX NEWS please read the whole article, lots of background here.

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