Mosque in Pakistan Offers Million Dollar Bounty for Rushdie’s Head

muslimrage-ii.jpgThe National Assembly in Pakistan is still frothing over the Knighting of Salman Rushdie and now a mosque is offering a million dollar bounty for his head and they have Knighted Osama Bin Laden:

from the Daily Times:

The administration of the Mohabbat Khan Mosque has announced a bounty of one million dollars for the head of Salman Rushdie, the mosque’s Imam Maulana Yousaf Qureshi told Daily Times on Friday. “We have made three announcements: that Rushdie’s killing is obligatory (that he is Wajibul Qatal), that Mohabbat Khan Mosque will reward his killer with one million dollars, and that we are awarding the enemy of the infidels, Osama Bin Laden, the title of Amirul Momineen after Britain awarded Rushdie the title of Sir,” he said. In December 2006 Qureshi issued a similar ‘fatwa’ against a Danish cartoonist who had drawn caricatures of the Holy Prophet (pbuh), with a one million dollar bounty on his head.

This appears to be shaping up into another full-fledged muslim rage fest, always happens after Friday prayers if you notice…. do you suppose there’s a connection?

They burnt effigy of the Queen Elizabeth. They termed this burning a symbolic killing of the Queen. The clerics were escorted by heavy contingents of police. The clerics tried to gather the attention of the Data Darbar visitors over the issue. However, it seemed that a less number of people were aware of the issue. Some passers-by were found asking, “Why are they protesting? Who is Rushdie?” “ What do these clerics want?”

Daily Times learnt from various people the clerics in their Friday sermons denounced the British government for the conferral of the “Knighthood” to Rushdie. In the Punjab University’s main mosque, teachers made a hue and cry over the issue. They also demanded Muslims for boycotting the UK products.

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  1. You’d think they’d realize by now if Allah really wanted Rushdie dead, wouldn’t it have been accomplished already?


  2. I’ve always said, this should be the campaign against the Islamofascists – a campaign of ridicule against their so-called “religion.” No violence, no killing, no genocide affects these jihadists – but an Allah cartoon, a misplaced Quran, or a knighted critic and they bloody lose it and come unravelled. I say pelt this “ideology of hate” with a new ridicule each month – give them a nervous breakdown. When they blow up into these rages, they make more and more mistakes.


    Hey Mr. Taliban….how’s that “Spring Offensive” goin’ for ya? : )

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