Pro Israel and Anti Israel Rallies

moonbat038.jpgYou can look at life from both sides now, courtesy This Ain’t Hell, and some great photography. Here’s a sample troothr, beer gut and all.

Ok after looking a couple of minutes… is it just me, or could this guy be Ed Asner’s astral twin?

The Age of Hooper has a couple more photos and some insight.

Blasphemy or Theft?

Most of the papers in Pakistan have carried nothing but budget news and discussion the past two days, I wish the US paid as much attention to the budget as the Pakistanis do, we would not have a deficit in that case.

I did find a good article in the Daily Times that details the recent wave of blasphemy charges sweeping Pakistan against Christians, which also questions the motives of several of the complainants.

In some cases the complainer wants the person’s property, in other cases their postion. It’s a terrible thing to lie and use religion against people. It’s a faint step away from the medieval thinking of the Spanish Inquisition, and surely against freedom.

How weak is your faith if your god can stand no criticism even if in any of these cases words or deeds were real, which most doubt? These seem to be opportunistic use of bigotry against Christians.

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Atlantis Successfully Docks With Space Station

At 6:09 pm Eastern, Space Shuttle Atlantis successfully docked with the space station.

Tribute to Nipper

hamsters-to-orion-copy.jpgAfter years of faithful service to the Lizard Legions, Nipper is sent to final rest among the stars of interstellar space, seen here as he heads towards Orion. Several touching eulogies were read by mourning Lizards as Nipper was sent to the depths of space from the secret railgun hidden beneath the Astrodome. (Who Knew?)

3 Al Qaeda Arrested in Taftan

The Frontier Post is reporting that three suspected Al Qaeda members, one a German national, were arrested in Taftan yesterday, and Iran continues to expel Pakistanis attempting migration to Europe through Iran. Continue reading “3 Al Qaeda Arrested in Taftan”

JFK Plot Update: It’s the Ideology Stupid

10trini_2_190.jpgLook at this guy — he’s smiling, he’s from Trinidad, he plays the steel drums… He couldn’t possibly be bad could he?


This morning the New York Times downplays the significance of the Jamaat al Muslimeen tie to the plotters who wanted to blow up fuel lines and tanks at JFK. They characterize it as being a stretch to tie the group to Al Qaeda, and denote the group as more criminal thugs than Islamists wanting the Caliphate. Continue reading “JFK Plot Update: It’s the Ideology Stupid”