Lal Masjid Issues Death Fatwah Against OCTANE Staff

octane-december-cover.jpgA Death Fatwah has been issued by the insane mullah of Lal Masjid against the staff of Octane. What’s Octane? It’s a progressive, modern fashion magazine in Pakistan. The only issue I could find online is the December ’06 one, which was a special issue on Women’s Rights. It’s no wonder that the miscreant, medieval, mullah from Lal Masjid would want to repress this magazine. It represents the modern world, carrying as it does slick ads for DSL, Bollywood movie ads, and mobile phone ads. What was their great Sin?

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Pakistan Update

daddullah-damned-2.jpgThe Taliban’s decline into stupidity becomes more obvious every day, as you can see from a few incidents in Pakistan. The quality of their recruits is terrible, it’s seems they can’t even attack women’s schools anymore.

In Mardan a terrorist attempted to bomb an embroidery school after sending a threatening letter that the women should wear veils. Unfortunately the miscreant must have been out in the sun too long or heat dazed, because the grenade went off in his hand as he was climbing the wall.

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