ATP Poll From Pakistan

All Things Pakistan conducted a straw poll to measure people’s thoughts in the current political turmoil, and it turns out they are divided along lines similar to the US. About a third think there will be elections as normal, a third do not, and another third either can’t decide or think that there will be elections but not under Musharaaf.

Poll Here.

Also, Pakistani Spectator has some interesting speculation about a planned emergency.

PKK Terrorists Attack in Turkey

An IED was used by suspected PKK terrorists against a military vehicle in Siirt, Turkey today. The Turkish forces have established security zones to combat PKK incursions from Northern Iraq, but they might be missing something in this. Continue reading “PKK Terrorists Attack in Turkey”

Al Qaeda Declares Jihad Against India

al-qaida-schism.jpgThe mad fourth-tier “leadership” of Al Qaeda is trying a new tactic since none but the mentally deficient will follow them now. They have declared holy war against India because Pakistanis have become wiser about their false jihads. The Pashtun know that if they go to war in Afghanistan that they will not only lose, but that they will be fighting fellow Muslims and helping destroy the future of an Islamic state.

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Afghan Repatriation Continues

The move to repatriate the 2 million refugees Afghani refugees who have lived in camps in Pakistan is nearing agreement by both countries. The refugee camps do need to be cleared as they are somewhat lawless, and a continual source of Taliban recruits in the Frontier Provinces of Pakistan. 

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Shuttle Launch Scheduled Tonight

atlantis-lifts-sts-117.jpgUPDATE: ATLANIS LAUNCH SUCCESSFUL!

What a great way to start the weekend.


 070607_sts117_shuttlepad_02.jpgSTS-117 Is set to go, all systems green tonight at 7:30 PM Eastern time. You might not be seeing much about this right now, but trust me that this is more important than Paris Hilton screaming in a courtroom.

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