Truth in Journalism

truth-in-journalism.jpgThis picture says it all, if only the US press were as fervent about truth. Journalists protest the temporary shut-down of television stations in Pakistan to muzzle opposition speeches.

Help Find Kelsey Smith

In a video update we have tape of a “person of interest” meaning the police want to find the man in the tape because he might have information – it doesn’t necessarily mean he is suspect. Police do report that they have video of Kelsey being forced into her own car, but that is not being released.

KC Crime Scene is staying up-to-date with the story, so please check there frequently if you are aiding in the search.

Osama Still Alive per Baby Dadullah

al-qaida-schism.jpgIn hopes of rallying flagging troops, a failed summer offensive, and falling recruitment, the deceased Mullah Dadullah’s younger brother is reporting that Osama Bin Laden is still alive. Of course nobody with a brain is going to believe this unless they see it.  It’s interesting that the media can find and interview these guys so easily, as this tape demonstrates.

Muslims who follow these false jihadis, these disciples of the Daijal Bin Laden, are fools. Al Qaeda and the Taliban have murdered and butchered ten times more Pashtuns than the US forces, but the US kills greater than a  Twenty-to-one ratio of Taliban forces when the Taliban actually face them for battle. That would be on the rare occasions when the Taliban aren’t fighting schoolgirls, killing teachers, or blowing up the defenseless in marketplaces. Also notice that there is a definite split in command here, we now have heard from Zawahiri and Baby Daddullah, who both say there are different leaders of the efforts in Afghanistan.

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William “Cool Money” Jefferson Sets Record

William “Cool Money” Jefferson, D-LA, has set a new record for corruption with his 16 count, 94 page indictment. Jefferson, known for keeping his money on ice could serve up to 200 years if found guilty on all counts.

The worrisome aspect that the media fails to highlight is that Jefferson is accused in the indictment of working with corrupt officials from a foreign government, that of Nigeria.

It seems that this is the Democrat trend the past few years – taking money from foreigners. See previous articles on this HERE and HERE. A politician for sale to the highest bidder is bad, but one for sale to the highest bidder-country is infinitely worse.

For Full coverage of the indictment, please stop by Red State.

On the other hand, maybe he just got caught up in one of those Nigerian email scams.