Memorial Day Kansas

Yesterday I took a trip to the Korean War Memorial. Sometimes the Korean war is called the “Forgotten War” because people do not talk about it much. There were brave souls from Kansas who fought across the rocky hills and mountains of Korea, and today is a day to remember them.

This will be a pictorial essay because when it comes to honoring the heros who fought off a brutal communist regime and who freed the people of South Korea, words fail to be enough.


To continue the memorial, some video tributes to our military:

A tribute to the Coast Guard who have not only contributed to the war effort in foreign locales but also protect us and every inch of our coast. 

A tribute to the US ARMY artillery as they test some of their new, advanced weapons. The US Army has been giving our enemies unparalelled hell for centuries, it’s great to see they continue to sharpen their methods and skills.

This tribute for the Marines shows them as our enemies see them, in a firefight at night. 

A fine tribute to the USAF Thunderbirds.

The recent three force group sortie into the Persian Gulf  was a necessary move to calm things in region and to re-establish international waterways called to question during the British sailor kidnapping crisis.  Here’s a great video of the Naval forces in the Gulf, with the coast of Iran just over the horizon.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Kansas”

  1. Thanos, THANK YOU.

    My father fought, ’52 to the Cease Fire… a mere 12 years later I was there, in the mud and the rocks of an all-too-slowly recovering South Korea, spending my young life atop mountains on islands on the DMZ, putting my ears DEEP into North Korea, and thanking God for the PRIVILEGE of being American!

    Aussies, Turks and Thais were Allies in Korea, and the Communists STILL threaten, strut and abuse their serfs in a strangle-hold of xenophobia and lies!

  2. The memorial has a long list of the Allies who went to war in Korea with us, and it lists their casualites as well. Glad your father, and you were able to help Carridine, thanks kindly for all you’ve done.

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