Leadership Shock to the Taliban

Matt Dupee details the total shock the Taliban took in Afghanistan this last weekend, it wasn’t only Mullah Dadullah they lost. Take a stop by to read about the fullness of last weekend’s victory over the Taliban. Afgha.com.

Along with this, a Taliban leadership conference has been attacked by ISAF, killing  14, wounding 10. The convoy was just leaving a meeting to appoint a new leader for the Taliban in Afghanistan according to reports. From Pakistan Observer:

Airstrikes targeted a convoy of suspected Taliban militants who had left a meeting in western Afghanistan, killing 14 and wounding 10, a provincial governor said Friday.
The Taliban had met Thursday to appoint a leader in western Farah province, Gov. Muhaidin Baluch said. As they left the meeting in Bakwa district, airstrikes hit seven of their vehicles, he said.
Two of the 10 wounded lost their legs, and the 14 dead were buried near where they were killed, Baluch said.
NATO’s International Security Assistance Force and the U.S.-led coalition said they had looked into the report, but had no information about it…
In the eastern Khost province, coalition and Afghan forces detained five suspected militants and destroyed a cache of weapons, the coalition said…
The Taliban said Friday it had arrested a close aide to the rebel movement’s slain commander Mullah Dadullah for treachery that led to his killing. “We have captured the spy who helped US forces kill Mullah Dadullah,” Taliban spokesman Shohabudin Atal told AFP from an undisclosed location. Spokesman Atal declined to disclose the name of the captured man but said Dadullah had stopped at the house of the suspect in Helmand’s Bahramcha district when he came under attack from coalition forces.

Now the Taliban are eating their own, suspecting that everyone is a spy — and who knows? With the movement crumbling any one of the Taliban or their allies could be a spy, looking for reward money.

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  1. Thanks Thanos for that update and the link to Matt Dupree’s piece! Oh man it has been a dynamite week! What do you think??? Perhaps time for a Spring offensive of our own? Push them to the Pakistani border and let happen what happens? I say kick the sick muthas while they are hurting and disorganized…there’s blood and chum in the water, boys!

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