Ron Paul and the Troothers

paulron.jpghigh-priestess.jpgIf Ron Paul will meet with and support troothers, I want to know when is he meeting with Rosie? In the video below you see Presidential aspirant Ron Paul meeting with 9/11 truthers, and promising a bipartisan effort with Dennis Kucinich to investigate 9/11 once more… It could be a vast government conspiracy after all. Once done with this maybe Ron could move on to the grassy knoll, the Bermuda triangle, area 51, and other pressing mysteries of our times. Update: Since posting the vid below Ron Paul has been discussed on “The View” by High Priestess Rosie, and Michelle Malkin has an update.

Hat tip for the video to Charles and the Lizards.

2 Replies to “Ron Paul and the Troothers”

  1. We’re united and continuously growing. The numbers keep piling up and up and up and up. Everyday, more and more people are asking the right question about the wrong facts.

    “19 young Arab men with flight training limited to only 6 to 8 weeks hijacked commercial aircraft with box-cutters at the request of some guy living in a cave.” You really didn’t expect everybody to be stupid enough to buy this absurd BS conspiracy theory did you?

    Does this scare you? It should. Everyday…more and more……..

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