Turkey Cancels Election; Upsets Islamist Government

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There was some good news today in Turkey, the Islamist presidential candidate, Abdullah Gul,  failed to garner enough votes in Parliament today to stand for election as President. Since there were no other candidates, it forces national polls.


More from Pakistan Observer:

Ankara—Turkey’s parliament officially halted on Wednesday a presidential election process that triggered a major political crisis and forced the Islamist-rooted government to call early national polls.
The parliament accepted Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul’s petition to withdraw from the presidential contest, in which he had been the sole candidate.
Gul’s withdrawal became inevitable after he failed to win enough backing from the assembly in two rounds of voting. Parliament elects the president in Turkey for a seven-year term.
“As there is no presidential candidate, there is no possibility of electing a president. For this reason, the voting has been cancelled,” parliament’s deputy speaker Nevzat Pakdil told the chamber in televised remarks.
A new parliament will now choose a president after the July 22 general election.
President Ahmet Necdet Sezer, who had been due to retire on May 16, will stay on as interim head of state until his successor can be chosen.
Turkey’s secular elite, including opposition parties, top judges and army generals, had been determined to block Gul’s election. They feared the ex-Islamist might try to undermine Turkey’s separation of state and religion, a claim he and his ruling AK Party strongly deny.

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  1. I think it’s great we have an Islamic government in Iraq–hopefully we’ll be headed in that direction with the other Muslim countries as they finally embrace democracy–the laptop bombers and war profiteers are licking their chops at never-ending conflict. I think sites like these–defending the government in a partisan way like little boys who need their daddy to tell them what to do and think–are very educational and vital in understanding how a bumbling stupid cowboy prick who talks a lot of shit (Texas is the asshole of the nation, after all) can become leader of the free world. I guess Hitler and Stalin had their fanboys too.

  2. “Harvey” –

    I’ve noticed that every Islamic sympathizer and more usually, a Islamic radical himself, usually uses the lamest “Americanized” nic available such as….lemme see….oh yeah! Harvey!

    I would also say my assumption as to your true identity is substantiated by your reference to “little boys” and “daddy” – that is apparently a closeted issue over in your “Land” there, huh?

    Come back next time, “Harv”, when you’re man enough to use a suitable nic and quit hiding behind your old lady’s burqa.

  3. There’s a great deal of difference between an Islamic government and an Islamist government, but dim folks don’t see that. It’s akin to the difference between Switzerland and Nazi Germany, or Finland and the Soviet Union. Do some research, come back when you can understand the terminology.

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