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pail-full-of-air.jpgIt’s very refreshing to see Nuclear Energy discussed in the mainstream again as a viable solution to energy problems, and Glenn Beck did so tonight in his segment on Global Warming. True, the show was about debunking the liberal mythos of anthropogenic global warming, but … if Global Warming were really a problem it’s one that could be resolved handily by nuclear energy. He mentioned the 103 reactors operating in the country now, and the fact that they haven’t killed anyone.

It’s what I’ve been saying for thirty five years.

When I was very young I read a very powerful short story called “A Pail of Air” by Fritz Lieber (RIP.) In the story the earth got captured out of the sun’s orbit by a passing dark mass and dragged into dark, cold, interstellar space.

The atmosphere quickly froze and fell to earth along with almost all life on the planet. However it wouldn’t be a story without human protagonists, so it’s also a remarkable tale of life triumphing over dark, cold, and death. In the end the saviour of the story isn’t a person, but a creation of mankind’s: a nuclear power plant. If you haven’t read the story please do so — it is a tale that will grip you and challenge you to think very deeply. [The link above will take you to the online version of the short story]

Since then I’ve been a proponent of nuclear power. No other technology would have worked in the scenario to save humanity.

I’ve watched for thirty years as the eco-clown posse has steadily roadblocked nuclear power, but now they cannot stop it anymore. We need to ween ourselves off of carbohydrate fuels, and off the dictators who hold the lion’s share of it. (One for instance: Harry Reid is against nuclear power, but wants a solution to Global Warming — he’s fought the storage facility needed for safe caching of spent nuclear fuel since he was first elected.)

To solve most major world problems, we need plentiful, cheap, clean power — and nuclear is the best solution for each of the three qualifiers. IF we want the future of humanity and the earth to be bright then we must make energy a flat rate commodity, make it too cheap to meter.

That’s the only way we will cope with the coming population while keeping the planet in good shape. It’s the only way we will release the full creativity of the rest of the world. Everyone deserves to live as well as we do, and the way to get there is by becoming a high energy planet.


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  1. Thanks kindly for the correction, you are correct and I’ve fixed it. You could also be correct about the eco-clown posse too friend.

  2. So the Iranians can have nuclear energy for civilian purposes, just like Dick Cheney advised the Shah in the mid 70’s to do, while selling their oil on the market, right? Good.

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